Pushpa Yaagam at Tirumala and Tiruchanoor


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In the ‘sampradAyam’ , SrI-dEvapperumAl sannidhi in kAnchI is the ‘tyAga-manDapam’, tiru-vEnkaTam is the ‘pushpa-manDapam’, and SrIrangam the ‘bhOga-manDapam’.

“pushpa thiyaga bhoga mandapangalil panipoovum aalavattamum veenaiyum kaiyumana antharangarai mudimannavanum vaitheekothamarum mahamuniyum anuvarthitha kramam”.

In Pushpa Mandapam – Thirumalai (since Lord Venkateswara is very fond of flowers, Pushpa kaikaryam by sri ananthazhwan according to nammazhwar’s word and sri ramanujar’s order) yesterday pushpa yagam was performed in a grand scale. The most colourful festival, Pushpayagam has been performed in a colourful way with several tonnes of various kinds of blossoms in Srivari temple on Monday. This annual religious ceremony is performed in the month of Karthika after annual Brahmotsavam on the asterism of Sravanam.

After two archanas and two naivedyams, the processional deities of Lord Malayappa Swamy flanked by his two consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi has been brought to the Kalyanamandapam by 1pm where in homas and Snapana Tirumanjanam was performed amidst the chanting of vedic mantras.

Later the deities were given a celestial floral bath with over eight tonnes of 18 different varieties of traditional and ornamental flowers including Chamanti, Lilly, Roses, Nandivardanam, Tulsi, Marukam, Davanam etc.

As soon as the flowers touched the chest of the Lord, they were removed replacing new set of flowers. This process was repeated for twenty times. And finally the colourful floral ceremony concluded on a grant note with the priests offering special arti to the deities at around 5pm.





Pushpa   Yagam  was performed in Sri Padmavathi Ammavari Temple, Tiruchanur with admist religious fervour and vedic chantings from 5pm to 8pm on Monday.

Nearly nine metric tonnes, comprising eighteen varieties of scented flowers like Sampangi,  chrysanthemum, rose, lily,thulasi, Scent jaji, Lotus, Kaluva, Manoranjitham, Bilvam, paneer leaves, Dhavanam, Malli, Kankambaram, Ganneru, Mogilietc. were selected and used for the ritual. ‘Snapana Tirumanjanam’ was performed earlier in the day to the processional deity of Goddess Padmavathi at the ‘Mukha Mandapam’. Later, baskets full of colourful flowers were taken out in a procession from Asthana Mandapam to the Ammavari temple.



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