Parthan Palli Divya Desam


Located near Thiruvenkadu (Budhan Sthala) about 15kms from Sirkazhi off the Poompuhar road is the Parthan Palli Divya Desam, one that dates back to the Mahabharatha period and a special one for Arjuna for it was here that he had a knowledge initiated from Lord Parthasarathy.

This Divya Desam is one of the 11 Divya Desams in Thiru Nangur.

Arjuna’s Thirst at Parthanpalli

While on a pilgrimage, Arjuna reached this place. Thirsty after a long trip and not finding water anywhere, he hoped to quench his thirst at Agastya’s ashram who was undertaking penance here but to his dismay he found that the Sage’s Kamandala too had gone dry.

Poigai Azhvaar in his Thiruvanthathi verse makes a reference to the Moolavar deity Thaamaraiaal Kelvan

Realising that this was Lord Krishna’s play, Sage Agastya directed Arjuna to invoke the blessings of his favourite Lord. Answering Arjuna’s prayers, Krishna appeared here as Parthasarathy and presented Arjuna with a sword. As instructed by Parthasarathy, Arjuna struck the ground with the sword and to his surprise water poured out of that place helping him quench his thirst. This location, south of the temple, became the sacred ‘Katka’ Pushkarani. To mark this event, Arjuna is seen here at this Divya Desam with a sword.

Knowledge Initiation for Arjuna

It was also here that Arjuna was initiated with ‘Knowledge Education’ by Lord Parthasarathy to make Arjuna understand who he really was and what his real powers were. Since Arjuna had this Knowledge initiation here and played the role of a student, this temple came to be known after him as ‘Parthan Palli’.

Sri Parthasarathy

Poigai Azhvaar’s praise

Lord of Parthanpalli is the only Divya Desam Lord among the 11 Vishnu Temples in Thiru Nangur who is praised by an Azhvaar in addition to Thiru Mangai Azhvaar.

Poigai Azhvaar in his Thiruvanthathi verse makes a mention of the moolavar deity Thaamarai Aal Kelvan without a specific reference to Parthanpalli:

பெயருங் கருங் கடலே நோக்கும் ஆறு ஒண் பூ
உயரும் கதிரவனே நோக்கும் உயிரும்
தருமனையே நோக்கும் ஒண் தாமரையால் கேள்வன்
ஒருவனையே நோக்கும் உணர்வு

Utsava Deities

A unique feature at the Parthanpalli Divya Desam is the presence of two Utsava Deities- Parthasarathy and Kolavilli Rama, not seen elsewhere in the Thiru Nangur Divya Desam.

Sri Kolavilli Raman

10 Periya Thirumozhi Verses of Thiru Mangai

Thiru Mangai Azhvaar has praised Parthasarathy, the Lord of Paarthanpalli, in 10verses in Periya Thirumozhi. He refers to Kannan as the one who protects his devotees, provides happiness to all those who believe in him and his powers. He goes on to say that he who rules the seven worlds is also the one who resides here inside the sturdy huge walls of Paarthanpalli at Thiru Nangur.

கண்ணன் என்றும், வானவர்கள்
காதலித்து மலர்கள் தூவும்
எண்ணன் என்றும், இன்பன் என்றும்
ஏழ் உலகுக்கு ஆதி என்றும், தின்ன மாடம் நீடு நாங்கைத்
தேவ தேவன் என்று என்று ஓதி
பண்ணின் அன்ன மென் மொழியாள்
பார்த்தன்பள்ளி பாடுவாளே


On the Amavasya day in Aadi, Parthasarathy goes on a procession to Poompuhar Sea (where River Cauvery merges with Bay of Bengal) for the Annual Theerthavari Festival.

On the No Moon Day in Thai, Thirumangai Azhwar visits this temple

This is one of the 11 Divya Desam Lords to participate in the Grand Thiru Nangur Garuda Seva in Thai

Quick Facts

Moolavar : Thaamaraiaal Kelvan West Facing Standing Posture
Goddess : Shengamalavalli Thayar (Thamarai Nayaki)
Utsava Deity : Parthasarathy (and Kolavilli Rama)
Time : 8am-10am and 5pm-7pm

How to reach

From Sirkazhi, take Poompuhar bound bus (buses every half hour) via Thiruvali / Mangaimadam and get down at Thiruvenkadu. From here, Parthanpalli is about 2kms (auto available).

From Mayiladuthurai, take Poompuhar bound bus (every hour) to Thiruvenkadu (20kms)

Also, local buses (Numbers 4A, 12, 28 and 34) ply from Mayiladuthurai to Thiruvenkadu/Parthanpalli


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