saligrama Mahimai-(sacred fact of saligramam-03)

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Please note these are originally posted by Shri Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.
Have you seen Periyaperumal at Srirangam ? As per our anscestors, Periya perumal’s entire Thirumeni(Divine Bodily Form)is made out of
1000s of Saligrama. Infact this also explains the sanctity of periya perumal as well. Brahma was worshipping this same Periyaperumal made of saligramas isn it?
Think.. how much is the depth of Divine Prideness and Sacredness PeriyPerumal have?
There is a Prakaram (Temple Round) around the Sanctum Sanctorum of Periya Perumal which is named as ThiruVenAzhi Prakaram
Thiru – Azhaghiya /Thrimal ;
Azhi- Kadal (Sea)
This implies that the Prakaram is nothing but Parkadal (Shirrapdhi) and Periyaperumal is none other than ShirapdhiNadan. This

can even more be felt during the 10 days of Rappathu where PeriyaPerumal will adorn the Muthangi (Completely Pearl Studded Covered Dress) and will bless as ShirapdhiNadhan only.
As per sayings, this Prakaram is surrounded by thousands of Saligrama.

Hence, Udayavar (Sri Ramanujar) didnt laid his foot on this Prakaram and walked with his Knees is also noted.
If we just have one darshan, it is equivalent to many puniyam. Renganatha’s pride and fame is something unmeasurable.

SriRanga Mahatmiyam describes that PeriyaPerumal ascended to Srirangam along with the Thanga Vimanam. Perumal self appeared. Then it is evident to derive that the Saligramas which forms part of his Tirumeni should also have been formed self.
For many years, I myself was having a doubt..that the Periyaperumal should have the “PachaiMaa MalaiPol Meni” as descirbed by the Azhwars..Only Arangan knows this Divine Secret..!

Now, Let us get into some more facts about Saligrama
Continued from previous article………..
14) One who worship Saligrama with Bakthi will attain the Devas Status. He will be a great human.
15) Saligramam – Place where God resides… Wipes off all the Sins.
16) Even 1000 RajaSuya Yaga is not equivalent to the Palan (resultant) of one day Saligrama Pooja.
17) Those who are sinned will attain heaven by saligrama worship; will attain Mukti if worshipped with Bakti
18) As Agni(God of Fire)is residing in the Arani Kattai(Kind of Wood) , Bhagvan HARI is residing in Saligrama
19) More than HIS presence with SriLaksmi and SriVaikunda,Bhagvan HARI is present completely in Saligrama
20) Saligrama Pooja is paralleled to AgniGothram and Poodhanam(Land Sacrifice)
21) One who worship 12 Saligramas will get the Blessings equilvalent to worshipping 12Crore Sivalingams for 12 Kalpa Years in 1 day
22) One who has Kama(Wordly Pleasure) and Kortha(Enimity
Character) will attain Mukti by worshipping Saligrama.
23) One will attain Mukti by worshipping Saligrama even without visiting to Punya Theertha and performing Yagyas..
24) Saligrama Theertha Prasadam is signigicant and comprable to bathing in all Punya Theerthas and provide the out come of performing Yagya. Many Punya Theertha Devatha’s are residing in Saligrama.
25) One who worship Saligrama by reciting Vishu Sahasranama will attain Vishnu’s Lotus Feet.
26) Entire Universe and all Devathas will exists in the place where Saligrama is worshipped
27) Why we need PanchKavyam(Sacred Purifier made of 5 Elements inherited from Cow)!….we have Saligrama worship to purify our inner     and outer.
28) One drop of Saligrama Theertha .. it is sure that we wont be in a position to take Mother’s Milk again. (Means rebirth will not be there)
The following information is shared by Shri Ramana Bhattar. I thank him for the same.
Melum salagramam 12 serthu thiruvaratham seiythaal oru divya desa thiruvartahanam seiytha palan kidaikum, melum andha moothyin thejas namai sutri 1.20mail suththyai undu panumaam. Salagrama aarathanam seiyum edangalil yema kingarargaluku edamillai…
Melum salagramam nithya suthy udayathu.
Oru velai thiruvarathanam seiya eyalatha sandharbam undahinaal
Maru naal seerathinaal(pasum paal) kondu thirumanjanam seivika
Andha dosam neengum.
Salagrama silaa vaibavam enkira pusthakathil adiyen padithathu….

….. to be continued

Courtesy — Saranya Vs


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