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Dear All,
Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.
Saligrama Mahimai – 05

Saligrama Mahatmiyam is accepted by everyone.
Evidentially, the Conch, Chakar, Ghada and the Lotus Flower Forms of Saligrama
confirm this more. Also many scholars and Scientists accept that this cannot be
a Man Made forms and should have been created naturally by some Insect.

The insect is named as “Vajra Keedam” and
puranas describe it as “PonVandu” (Golden Bee). This has the
capabilities to Fly and Swim. It is a Surprise to know that, as same as the
LORD, this insect is also not seen by humans till now.

MukthiNath Khestra is nearly 12500 Ft above the sea level. Kandagi River which originates from Saligrama Mountain is further above
Mukthinath, which is nearly 17000 Ft above. These places always have tough and extreme climatic conditions where humans cannot travel. Saligramam is getting formed in this place only. Hence it is apparent that humans haven’t seen Vajra Keedam. We collect only those Saligramas which fall in the river without these insect.
As said earlier, as these insect are Golden in color, the impressions made by them on the Saligrama are also gold, which is a divine work.

“Bhramaha Haivartham” , Purana also describes Saligrama Worship as:

All Poojas are useful. Beyond those Saligrama Pooja is more significant.

Saligrama contains all the Punya Theerthas. One who worships Saligrama will attain Mukthi and enter the Lotus Feet of LORD KRISHNA.

A house which has housed the SriSila Saligrama is celebrated to be having the Sri Chakra of the LORD. All the Punya Theerthas are
prominent to be present there. 

One who intakes Saligrama Theertha is believed to attain Mukti and enter Abode in a Pearl Palanquin, whichever place he dies in
the world.
It is to be noted that Saligrama worship is much more powerful than worshipping the LORD in the form of an Idol. This will give
the totality of fulfillment in Worship.

 The Raw Minerals of Saligrama are naturally coolant. Moreover, as these Saligramas are originated from a place of purified Air and Water, where no human beings are seen, Saligrama are believed to spread the same purity in the place where they are worshipped. The house where Saligrama is worshipped will experience good health and people will not indulge in confrontational behaviors. Those Family and House are considered equivalent to Temple.

Swami Sri Madhvacharya stayed in VedhaVyasa Ashram in North India for 8 years and worshipped various rare and magnificent Saligramas. When he started travelling across India , he decided to place those Saligramas to various Temple as he may not be able to do Poojas for them Daily. He gave 6 of such Saligramas to Subramanya Swami Temple (Details not clearly known), one in Madhya (Centre)
Gaya and the other one in Udipi Krishna Temple. Hence we are also suppose to perform poojas to Saligrama. Incase if we are not able to continue the poojas, we should handover the same to proper person who can continue the pooja or to temples where it can be handled.

Let us see more information from Puranas..!

Daily poojas can be performed using Saligrama, Bell, Mantras and Prathima. It is not significant to worship in temple where there is no Saligrama. One should get Saligrama with Impressions on it, black in color and which are coolant in nature. This will lead to Moksha.

Performing Pooja for 12 Saligrama is more special. Having Dwaraka Sila Saligrama is more significant. Our Ancestors reside in the Saligrama Dwara (Hole). The place of Saligrama worship itself is considered sacred and special. (One who intakes the Saligarma Theertha will attain Mukthi and get rid of Ancestral curses if any is evident)

The Jeevathma who is sprinkled with Saligrama Theertha during its Death time will attain Mukti.

DwarakaSila is the relevance of Chakra and it is the Chit roopa and PrakruthaRoopa.

– Above are from Brindhavana Mahatmiyam. be continued
Courtesy – Saranya Vs
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