Saligrama Mahimai – 10 (Sacred Facts about Saligrama – 10)



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Please note these are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of Shri Raja Desikan its been translated into English too. I am just sharing the information to the users part of this group.Kindly revert for clarifications.

SalagramaSila Punya Pavithra DharmaKaarani!
Yasya DharsanaMaathrena Brahmaha Suththeya Nara:!!
Thath Giruham sarva Theerthaanam PravaramSruthiNoothitham!
Yatrayam sarvatha Moorthi: SalagramaSila Sila !!
– Padhma Purana

Salagrama Form is the reason for Punya, Purification and Dharma. Man will get purified the moment he worship Salagrama. The house will also get purified by all the Theerthas. The worship of LORD through this form will give more prosperity.

Salagrama Forms (Lakshana):

Blue colored. Bindu will be present. Inscription like Angucha can be seen. Dots will also be seen (Agni Purana)

Angucha shapped Facet. Long shaped Bindu. Will be colored like a Naval Fruit. (SreeThatvam)

Worshipping these forms of Hayagreeva Salagrama will bring more Knowledge and Power. One will be blessed with knowledgeable children.

Another Similar Salagrama which has Angucha inscription but will be larger in shape. Only one Chakra can be seen. This is called “Ambuja”. This will bring child birth and fulfillment of all desires.

When we do poojas for Salagramas in our household, we should perform Thirumanjanam for Salagrama, wipe Salagrama with a dry cloth, show Sambrani and then place Salagrama in the place / Asana for it.

Whereas in Temples, we should not wipe Salagramas after Thirumanjanam. We should directly show Sambrani and place Salagrama in the holders / asana kept for it. (Let us discuss more on the Pooja steps in our later chapters)

Salagrama Forms (Lakshana):


Sphere shaped. Will have 5 rekhas (inscription) on the top. Vanamalai Symbol inside the hole (Agni Purana)

Will be colored like densed grass. Will have Vanamalai Symbol. Will have unpredictable Chakra symbol. Will bring all prosperity. (SreeThatvam)

Very small Sphere shaped. Blue colored. Will have only one dot (Agni Purana)

Royal Blue colored. Vanamali or Lotus Flower symbol wherein either both or one of this symbol will be inscribed in this form of Salagrama. Will be short and small sphere shaped.

Kayampoo Colored. Dots on outer side. Kundalam beside the hole. Dots inside the hole. Small sphere shaped. (Sreethatvam)


 Axe like inscription. Green colored like Grass. Will be tall. Chakra Rekha in the mid of the Form
 To be contd..!
Courtesy– Saranya Vs
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