Vaikunta Ekadasi at Pon Villaidha Kalathur Temple


Vaikunta Ekadasi was celebrated grandly at Pon Villaidha Kalathur Temple on the 24th of December 2012. Some of the photos taken during the occasion can be viewed below

Pon Villaidha Kalathur / (P.V.Kalathur) village is situated about 9 KMs from Chengleput of Kanchipuram District, where the temple of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami is located which is more than 900 years old.  Swami Desikan had stayed in this village for a night. Various Utsavams are being performed at regular intervals at this temple. Srimath Andavan and Srimath Azhagiyasingars of the past have also visited this temple.






Photos Thanks to : Koushik Renganathan

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