Sri Lakshmi Sahasram Stothram and Namavali


‘Sri Lakshmisahasranama Stothram and Namavali’ is now reprinted by Sri Krishna Sabha Mumbai. The text is available both in Tamil and Sanskrit with Art cover page.

The forward to the Second reprint is by Sri.U.Ve.Nelvoy Sowmyanarayanachariar swamin. Swamin in a nutshell concludes by saying quoting the ending Nama , “த்ருஷ்டாத்ருஷ்ட பலப்ரதா” – இம்மையிலும் மறுமையிலும் எல்லா பலன்களையும் சிறப்பாக அளிப்பவள் – 1 (“drushtathdrushta palapratha” one who grants all the great things both in this life and beyond).

The book costs Rs 40 (postage is extra).

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Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan Swami

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