Sri Andal Thirukkalyanam at Sri Ranganatha Temple Pomana


Sri Andal Thirukkalyana utsavam with Sri Ranganatha at Sri Ranganatha temple, Pomona NY 10970 USA, was celebrated in a grand manner on 13th January. Thousands of bagavathas thronged the temple through out the day for the utsavam and obtained the grace of Divya Dampathis.

Prior to thirukkalyanam “Vanga kadal kadaintha” pasuram was chanted, thirumanjanam for Sri Andal and Sri Ranganathar was held, followed by ekantha thirumanjanam for Sri Srinivasar, Sri Hayagrivar and Sri Desikar ( as the day was sravanam).

Sri Santhana Gopala aradhanam was conducted followed by thirukkalyanam, homam and poornahoothi.

Prasada viniyogam happened throughout the day. The temple management conducted the utsavam with great reverence. Below are few of the moments during utsavam.

Courtesy: Sri Muralikrishna Srinivasachary Swami

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