Sacred facts about shALagrAma-s – 15

These postings are originally posted by Thiru Murali Battar who is Archakar @ Srirangam Temple & with the help of  Smt Kalyani been translated into English.
Readers who have been following this series would realize fully well that the characteristics of shALagrama-s mentioned in the different purANa-s are different and conflicting with each other.
It is better to take up one purANa as the standard base and follow it for worship.
This is for those who say, “I do not understand the characteristics referred to so far; how can I find out what the shALagrAma I have is?” –
Do not worry!  Whatever mUrti you wish to experience or whatever mUrti you love the most, develop that sentiment towards the shALagrAma murti you have.  Love and worship that mUrti; that shALagrAma mUrti will become one that you love most; what I say is completely true.
“yadbhAvo tat bhavati”
There was an arcakar named GopAla BhaTTar in our ancestry; he was born in the early fifteenth century.  shrIkR^iShNa Caitanyar was an incarnation of BhagavAn KR^iShNa; he had come to shrIra~Ngam in 1512 A.D.  (some say 1510 A.D.) At that time, GopAla BhaTTar got attracted to him and taking up on his request, he went to BR^indAvanam.  He became shrI KR^iShNa Caitanyar’s student and attained the title “GosvAmi” and came to be called respectfully as “shrIgopAla BhaTTar GosvAmi”. He worshiped “shALagrAma” mUrti-s!  One night, before he went to sleep, he felt that the shALagrAma mUrti-s he had been worshiping are so subtle! How nice would it be if they are lovely vigraha mUrti-s!  So thinking, he went to sleep with a longing.
The next day morning, when he opened the door to worship, he could not find the shALagrAma-s he had been worshiping. They had all merged together to form a handsome, extraordinary, naughty KR^iShNa with a gentle smile, a figure that he had longed to see!  He was ecstatic.  Deliriously delighted!  That great man from shrIra~Ngam named Him“shrIrAdhAramaN”, loved Him and lived a life to make this world happy.  Even today, shrIrAdhAramaN mandir exists in BR^indAvanam.  And, so does that mischievous KR^iShNa who transformed for his sake!
That is why, I said “yadbhAvo tat bhavati..”!
Will continue…..
courtesy– Saranya Vs
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