Kanchipuram Sri Varadhar Sri Perundhevi Thayar Dhavana Uthsavam


Dhavana Uthsavam for Sri Varadhar and Sri Perundhevi Thayar (1st day) was celebrated on 26.2.2013 at Kanchipuram.

Note: anudinam holds no responsibility for the images published. Published images are sent by volunteers and we didn’t covered the utsavam exclusively

Courtesy: Sri Elangadu Ranganatha Chakravarthy Swami

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    • Note from Editor of Anudinam:

      As our readers have noticed, we are an unbiased website and we publish news that we receive from volunteers to our mail id and we hold no responsibility for the pictures published.
      But we have received some comments for this news that some photos has some issues, which has been removed by our team. We will verify it once again before publishing it.

      Please co-operate and feel free to mail or comment your opinion.

      Editor in Charge (As our Chief Editor is on vacation for a month)

  1. Thanks for the prompt action. Like you said we should not encourage anyone trying to cause unnecessary hatred and disunity among our Srivaishnavaite communicty. Kindly send a warning to the person who posted. Its really creating a bad image for the website.

  2. Hello Website Administrator,

    Some photos are still painted on black specifically on face/forehead. For example the following pictures,

    link1 deleted
    link2 deleted

    Remove them as it all seem to be intentionally did. Please verify and dont encourage these type of pictures.


  3. Sri:

    Dear Anudinam Readers,

    There has been quite few comments and mails regarding some photos from Kanchi Utsavam published in a news yesterday. As our readers have noticed, we have been publishing news unbiasedly and assure to continue the same without focusing on Kalai issues.

    Majority of our news items and photos published are the ones sent by volunteers across many temples. We do check it carefully before publishing it, however sometimes due to oversight we miss certain errors and this news item which has hurt many readers is one of them and we do apologize for it.

    We assure to take extra care from now on before publishing any photos or description in a news. We request for your continued support and would like to apologize again for the photos that had been published un-noticed.

    Please mail us your comments/Feedback to make anudinam a better website for one and all.

    For the kind information of our readers, our Chief Editor is currently away on a vacation and we have not been proactive in publishing several news for past one month. From April onwards, we will be back to the usual publishing mode.



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