Sri Vairamudi Brahmotsavam at Melkote Sri Cheluva Narayana Swamy Temple




Melkote Sri Thirunarayana Swamy Vairamudi Brahmothsavam is scheduled to take place from March 17 to March 29, 2013. The most important Vairamudi Sevai of the utsavam is on Friday, 22nd march 2013. For more details of this Utsavam, please check the following invitation of the utsavam.


Courtesy  : Shri Bharath Baladhanvi and Shri Sripuram Srikanth

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing the invitation. I didnt know the date as to when is the utsavam. Now, i got to know the dates so that i can plan for the utsavam
    Thank you very much
    Hare Krishna

  2. Namaskaram.Is there any timing for the Vairamudi seva dharshan,(13th March 2014) Since I need to plan my travel from Chennai,I will be grateful for this information. R Kannan


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