Sri VishnuSahsranamam e-Classes for children


Here is the great oppurtunity to introduce the children to our sampradayam through learning Sri VishnuSahasranamam. As helping them to chant the sweet names of the lord is the best way to show brightness in their path.

For coming summer holidays for school children ,  Vaishnavism.eclass announces “Vishnu Sahasranaama” e-learning exclusively for children.  Adults are also welcome.

The class starts on 1-Apr-2013, Monday through Friday at 7pm IST. Class titled “Sudharshanam” is open for registration from

Registration closes by 26th Mar 2013.

To Know more about vaishnavism eclass please check the following

To Know more about their Divyaprabhandam and other session please check at or can mail to to know details and joining procedures.










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