Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 16


  • SlOkam 46:
  • S46

    vyAbhAshita abhyadhika nandana bhandanarddhi
    mandasmita amrta parisrava samstavADhyam |
    AbhAti vidruma sama adharam Asyam asya
    devasya sundarabhujasya vanAdribhartu: ||
    In this Slokam, KUresar salutes the coral lips (vidruma sama adharam) of the
    Lord of TirumAlirumcOlai.


    This Slokam is based on the two TiruvAimozhi pAsurams of Swamy NammAzhvAr (3.5.4 and 7.7.3) celebrating the TiruppavaLa sevvAy of the Lord. His lips do more than comforting the devotees through His conversations with them and consoling them that way. His lips do better than that by conferring bliss and fullness to them through the smile of the Lord emanating from those coral lips.

  • SlOkam 47:
  • S47

    yaSodA angulya gronnamita cubukAgrANamuditau
    kapolAvadyApi hi anuparata tat dharshagamakau |
    virAjete vishvak vitata sahakArAsavarasa
    pramAdyat bhrngADhya druma vanagire sundarahare: ||

    In this Slokam, KUresar enjoys the divya saundaryam of the cheeks of the Lord of TirumAlirumcOlai.


    First, KUresar describes the natural beauty of this divya desam (vaNDamAr sAral mAlirumcOlai). KUresar sees groves of mango trees at Azhagar Koil and comes across the beetles enjoying the ripe mangos and getting fattened by their excessive indulgence. KUresar says that this verdant place with fruits and the population of bees is the abode of Azhagar (mAlalankArar). He recalls the scene during KrshNAvataram, when the adoring YaSodA lifted the chin of Kutti KrshNan to enjoy the fragrance of the cheeks of her dear son. Kutti KaNNan was very pleased with that gesture of His Mother and remembered that joyous occasion of adoration by His mother. This was all during the VibhavAvatAram. Now, Azhagar is in arcAvatAram and He still seems to indicate the joy of those days in Gokulam and one can clearly see that joy in His cheeks.

  • SlOkam 48:


vyAlambikuNDalam udagra suvarNa pushpa
nishpanna kalpalatikAyamala anukAram |
yat karNapSAyugalam nigalam dhiyAm na:
so ayam susundarabhuja: vanaSailabhUshA: ||


The anubhavam in this Slokam is about the beautiful ears of the Lord. Oh su-sundara bhuja (Oh the Lord with the most beautiful shoulders)! Your two ears are like two creepers from the divine kalpaka tree (kalpalatikAyamala anukAram) adorned with high quality (udagra) gold cover over them. Those ears have long KuNDalams in the shape of Makaram (an ocean dwelling fish) stretching all the way to the shoulders. May those ears of our Lord act as a door lock to prevent aDiyEn’s mind from being tempted by nihIna (lowly) bhogams! The ears with the KuNDalams stretching downward to the shoulders appear like AbharaNams for the shoulders. KUresar uses the word “su” twice (susundarabhujam) to being out this point.


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