KadaiVellikkizhamai Uthsavam at Kanchi Temple


KadaiVelhlhikkizhamai Uthsavam  was celebrated at Kanchi Sri Perarulalan Sannadhi on the 17th of May 2013. Some of the photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below

Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_00 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_01 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_02 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_03 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_04 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_05 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_06 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_07 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_08 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_09 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_10 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_11 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_12 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_13 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_14 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_15 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_16 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_17 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_18 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_19 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_20 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_21 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_22 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_23 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_24 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_25 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_26 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_27 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_28 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_29 Knachi Kadaivellikizhamai_32

Photos: Thanks to Sri EVR

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