Thiruvallikkeni Vasantha Uthsavam : Day 6


Vasantha Uthsavam is being grandly celebrated in Thiruvallikkeni and on day 6, Perumal blessed the devotees from most beautiful sitting posture ~ the Emperor in total command~ with right hand on the bent knee and left hand holding Kathayutham. Most of you can recall having darshan of Sri Parthasarathi in the same posture… yes, it was on the 2nd day of Brahmothsvam – morning Seshavahanam. Here are some photos taken today as also the one on Sesha vahanam

01_Thiruvallikeni_Vasantha Utsavam_2013 02_Thiruvallikeni_Vasantha Utsavam_2013 03_Thiruvallikeni_Vasantha Utsavam_2013 04_Thiruvallikeni_Vasantha Utsavam_2013 05_Thiruvallikeni_Vasantha Utsavam_2013

Thanks to : Sri Srinivasan Sampathkumar

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