Appeal for Sri Venkata Varadha Perumal Koil Raja Gopuram Construction

Paruthipattu Village – near Avadi is the birth place of 43rd AZAGIYASINGAR (Jeer) of AHOBILA MUTT.
Temple Renovation Committee of the Shri Venkata Varadha Perumal Temple at Paruthipattu Village near Avadi, with the help of large heartedphilanthropists and the ardent help of the devotees have renovated an old dilapidated temple of Sri Venkata Varadha Perumal of this Village in April, 1996 under the auspicious and blessings of 45th Azagiyasinghar (Jeer) of AHOBILA MUTI.
As a continuous effort they have also built an abode for the THAYAR, the Lord’s consort separately as per the agamic principles and practice in the year 1998. With the munificent and willing contributions of large-hearted devotees, an elegant Mandapam has been constructed in front of the main temple of Lord Sri Venkata Varadha. The devotees and visitors are overjoyed to stand in reverence before the Lord and His consorts under the comfortable shelter and shade of the Mandapam to pay their obeisance to the Archavatara Murthis (stone and panchaloka images). A large Mandapam was constructed some years ago by the contribution of large hearted devotees, being utilized for the purpose of congregation on festivel days such as New Year Day, Sri Jayanthi, Sankaranthi (Pongal) etc. In addition the Mandapam is also used for conducting religious discourses (Upanayanams) so that the people may be informed about our spiritual tradition and the way of life, our forefathers have lead thereby, instilling a moral sense in the hearers. 
An Aanjaneyar Sannadhi, Narasimharl Sudharshana Azhwar Sannadhi & Azhwar and Acharyan Sannadhi ( including Moorthy of 43rd Azagiyasingar – Srivan Satakopa Sri Veeraraghava Satakopa Yatheendra Mahadesikan)  and performing the poojas daily.
Further according to ancient lore the darshan of Venkata Varadha Perumal here is said to confer the blessings of both Venkatachalapathy of Tirupathi and Varadharajar of Kancheepuram.
The temple Archavatara Murthis have been prayed and praised (i.e. Mangala sasanam done) by the 45th Jeer of Ahobila Mutt who also consecrated the renovation of the temple. And the present Aandavan Swamiji Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Desikan (well known as Srimushnam Aandavan) also’ visited this temple and done his Mangala Sasanam about its divine and graceful image. During the visits of both Azagiyasinghar and Aandavan Swamigal, they have advised to construct a RAJAGOPURAM so as to complete the agamic principles of Temple on architecture. They have also told that after the construction of Rajagopuram, the village people and the whole country will grow rapidly. There is a saying in Tamil that
“GOPURA DHARSANAM KOTTI PUNYAM”. Hence, it has been decided to construct Rajagopuram.
The Shoomi Poola for the construction of Rajagopuram was performed as per Agamic principles on 06/06/2011 the construction has also been commenced and reached kalkaram level. The Temple committee appeal the devotees to extend their patronage and financial and moral help in carrying this project successfully.
According to the estimate of the Stapathi (Temple Architect) it will cost  Rs.50.00 lacs
The committee also invites the devotees to visit the temple at their convenience or any day of thier choice to get the blessings of “Sri Lord Venkata Varadha”.
Contributions can be sent to  :
Rajagopuram Bank A/C
central Bank of India
S/B Account No: 03134460839
IFSC Code: CBIN 0283135
The Secretary (Temple Renovation Committee)
Sri Venkata Varadha Perumal Kovil
Agraharam Street
Paruthipattu, Chennai-600 071.
For further information about this kainkaryam, contact:





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