HH45th Azhagiyasingar Charama Kainkaryam Explanation by Dr.Lakshmikumara Thathachariar and updated videos


HH 45 Azhagiyasingar_Ahobila Mutt_1

As reported earlier in our news, His Holiness, the 45th Jeer of Sri Ahobila Muth, Srimathe Sri Lakshminrisimha Divya Paduka Sevaka Srivan Satagopa Sri Narayana Yathindra Maha Desikan, ascended to Paramapadham at 12:05 AM Indian Time, Sunday May 19th 2013 at Srirangam.

Dr.Lakshmikumara Thathachariar of Srirangam explains the detailed process of Charama Kainkaryam done to HH 45th Azhagiyasingar on the 19th of May 2013, in an interview to anudinam. Below are collection of videos recorded on the 19th of May

Explanation starts at 3min15secs in the video

Below is the Clip from Shankara TV, recorded by Sri Veeraraghavan Swami

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  1. The video coverage of H.H.45th Jeeyar paramabadam day was excellent. Even the devotees who had attended the thirumanjanam and other rituals performed to the jeeyar could not view the activities of the rituals perfectly due to rush whereas we are blessed to view the programmes through the Anudhinam web site. Thanks.


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