Kanchi Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil Brahmotsavam: Days 8 & 9


As part of the ongoing Brahmotsavam at Sri Varadaraja Perumal Thirukkoil, Kanchipuram, purappadu of Sri Devaperumal took place on Kudhirai Vahnam yesterday evening, May 29th, 2013; Wednesday and Aal Mel Pallakku today morning May 30th, 2013; Thursday.

Aal Mel Pallakku

Today morning was packed with lot of interesting activities in Perumal Kovil. The events started with Aal mel pallakku followed by mattayadi mahotsavam and culminated with theerthavari.

Let me start with Aal mel pallaku and take your through the rest of the events in the morning. Perarulalan left, alone, from the kovil at around 4:30 am on Aal mel pallakku. This type of pallakku is unique as Perarulalan was carried by 4 dolls. When leaving the kovil, Devathirajan wore nine silk duppatta/porvai instead of maalais. When Devathirajan reached gangai kondaan mantapam, he removed the porvai one by one, this event is know as porvai kalaithal. After this, Perarulalan, headed back to kovil with his regular maalai.

All this while our ubhaya naachimaar were in kannadi arai waiting for their (our) Lord’s arrival. As Devathirajan passed the dwajasthambham, the doors were shut. For the next hour pranaya kalagam utsavam (house hold quarrel between Perarulalan & Naachimaar) took place to our pleasure. During the whole episode our naachimaar were standing in the kannadi arai mandapam and Perarulalan was standing below.

The verbal duel between our parents (!) was an interesting fare. This event is similar to the one during panguni uthiram in Srirangam but with less fanfare and without Arayar swamigals. After all Kanchipuram is Thayaga bhoomi and not Bhoga bhoomi.

Finally, once our Naachimaar are convinced of our Perarulalan’s affection, they descended from the mandapam to join our Perumal. Then all of them proceeded to 100 kaal mandapam.

Pranaarthihara varadan, nithya thirumanjana moorthy, came down from thirumalai to join Perumal & Naachimaar in 100 kaal mandapam. Thiruaradhanam was performed. During the thiruaradhanam, Naachimaar were not on either side of Perarulalan but both of them were on his right side, this sevai is unique to this day of Brahmotsavam.

After this mariyadai was done for an archakar. This was followed by puniyavajanam & avahanam, invoking of all holy rivers to decend, for Anantha saras (pushkarani). The archakar, who had mariyadai,  had a dip in pushkarani with the nithya thirumanjana moorthy. This is unique as in all the other temples theerthavari is done with chakrathalwar.

After this Pranaarthihara varadan headed back to thirumalai, while Perarulan along with Naachimaar went back to kannadi arai.

Kudhirai Vahanam

Wednesday evening our Perarulalan came galloping on Kudirai vahanam to bless us.

Perarulalan was dressed as a warrior. His beauty in general and his graceful eyes would remove all the evil thoughts from our minds.

Devathirajan adorned a white thallapa, this is different to the sikkuthadai that he wore during thirurher.

Vedu pari utsavam was enacted. This event took place in Thirukachi nambi sannidhi. Thirumangai alwar did three pradhakshanam after which he received pariyattam mariyadhai and maalai.

Varadar’s purappadu during Brahmotsavam, are not confined to maada veedhis, as in other divya desams, but would cover most part of kanchipuram, may be an indication of the fact that he is the lord of the entire kshethram. Varadar in almost all his vahanams would go upto Gangai kondan mandapam, where thiru aradhanam is performed, before heading back to kovil.

Ghosti is an integral part of any purappadu. The ghosti in Kanchipuram is very famous, both for quantity and quality. Every member of the ghosti is a stalwart by themselves and would all assemble to enjoy the beauty of our Lord. The Divya prabhandam reciters (Iyal ghosti) proceeded before our Devathirajan. They moved forward slowly reciting the Divya prabhandam in their charismatic melliflous tones. Immediatly behind Devathirajan came the veda reciters called the Vedaparayana ghosti, who recited the vedas in the traditional orthodox style. Every purappadu lasts for atleast 4~5 hours and all the time this ghosti would recite and walk along with Devathirajan with all dedication. Mind you that they would be walking bare foot and would not take a break. All of them are not paid for the service, the only reason for their dedication is that this service would please our Devathirajan.

The following are some of the photographs and videos taken during the above mentioned utsavams this year…

Aal Mel Pallakku

Kudhirai Vahanam

Write-up Courtesy: Sri Kausik Sarathy; Video Courtesy: Sri Kesavabashyam; Photo Courtesy: Sri Madhavan and Sri Giri Vel
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