Grand Procession of 23 Garuda Sevai at Thanjavur


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Perumals of 23 temples in and around the town were taken in a procession on Garuda Vahanam as part of the 23 Garudasevai held in Thanjavur today, 31st of May 2013 between 7 AM to 11 AM.

Beautifully decorated Perumals on Garuda Vahana were led by Thirumangaiyalvar on Hamsa Vahanam. Starting from Vennar banks, Perumals were taken in procession on east, south, west, and north main roads.

The procession commenced with Neelamega Perumal along with His consort followed by the remaining 22 Perumals on Garuda Vahanam. The following is the list of Perumals part of the Garuda Sevai today…

  • Sri Lakshmi Sametha Neelamega Perumal
  • Sri Veera Narasimha Perumal
  • Sri Manikunna Perumal
  • Sri Velur Varadaraja Perumal
  • Sri Kalyana Venkatesa Perumal
  • Sri Yadava Kannan
  • Sri Yoga Narasimha Perumal
  • Sri Kothandaramar
  • Sri Varadaraja Perumal
  • Sri Kaliyuga Venkatesa Perumal
  • Sri Ramaswamy Perumal
  • Sri Janardhana Perumal
  • Sri Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal
  • Sri Govindaraja Perumal
  • Sri Ranganatha Perumal
  • Sri Vijayarama Perumal
  • Sri Navaneetha Krishnan
  • Sri Booloka Krishnan
  • Sri Manambuchavadi Navaneetha Krishnaswamy
  • Sri Manambuchavadi Prasanna Venkatesa Perumal
  • Sri Kothandaramasamy Perumal of Palli Agraharam
  • Sri Lakshmi Narayana Perumal of Sunkanthidal
  • Sri Venkatesa Perumal of Karanthai

Thousands of people witnessed Garudasevai in the four main streets of Thanjavur. Bhajans and dance by devotees formed part of the festival. Pandals were put at various places on South Main Street to receive the Perumals and offer pujas. Prasadams were distributed to devotees. Buttermilk was supplied at various places.

Navaneetha sevai will be held tomorrow.

Some of the photos taken during the event can be viewed below: (Click on the First image to view it as a slide show)

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    • Dear Swamin,

      This event takes place on Vaikasi Sravanam and subsequent 2 days.On Vaikasi sravanam Kaliyan Mangalasasam to Thiru Thanjai Mamanikovil perumals[Sri Neelamegan,Sri Manikundran and Sri Veera Nrusimhan] at Sri Veera Nrusimhan thirukkoil.Next day Morning between 5:30 to 6:30 AM The perumals start their procession on Periya thiruvadi to Raja Veedhis.
      Perumals from temple on the way to Rajaveedhis will join the procession.The Procession will be lead by Kaliyan in Hamsa Vahanam.

      Next day around 7 AM the perumals start their procession in Navaneetha Krishnan thirukolam to the Rajaveedhis.

      You can contact me @9884400075 for information regarding the same.
      Dasanu Dasan

  1. This festival is conducted next day of Vaikasi sravanam ( 23 garudasevai) and next to garudasevai navaneetha sevai( vennia thazhi) for 13 emberumANS conducted. tomorrow is NAVANEETHA SEVAI>

  2. We have witnessed the Garudaseva of all Perumals It was a splendid occasion.The procession started from each temple and lined up in South main street and started coming one after another till 12 noon It was a beautiful sight to see all perumals in one place. The next day is Vennaithachi kolam of Prumal But unfortunately we were not there. to see this.


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