Sandhyavandanam….Why? Part-2


This is a series of articles written by Sri U Ve. Uruppattur D Soundararajan Swamy


No act of any important karma should be done without sankalpam.This gives psychological & sportual value.we commence by invoking god’s krupa who is inspirer ,directore and does this act.we stretchforth our mind through the two infinites of space & time & determining mentally the exact place & time at which we are placed.we make a solemn declaration about our intention to perform this this,we prouce spiritual power which develops many fold.


This means literally control or lengthening f the breath,At one time the hankering of fresh oxygen to cleanse the system(circulation of blood,digestion etc) & promote its vitality

A living being is called Prani before takin annam(rice) we dedicate 5 small morsels of annam purified by gheet to 5 divisions of the air inside our human body-Prana,Apana,Vyana,udana & samana which contribute to the proper maintance of life in this world.Pranayama is the essencce of certain kinds of yoga pranayama is an exercise physically,mentall,psychologicaly & spoiritually
Deep breathing produces all the benefits of physical exercise by promoting circulation of blood,by purifying it & promoting organ function,etc

The control of breath can be obtainedby contraol of mind & attention to exercise which recharges mental battery & increases output level also.Pranayama is brilliant & time honoured excercise which should be given due importance by us & also by our future generations,forgetting the advertising mania of yoga because pranayama is part & parcel of our nithya karma in this self of man becomes the soul & non self becomes the body of self


Prokshana means sprinkling of water.Where? how?

Taking water with tips of the fingers of the right hand from a vessel & sprinkling it duly reciting mantra for each such sprinkling over the head.These manthras praise the water.Our ancestors,sages ,rishis understood & realised the uncomparable importance of using water with its value & virtues.

Such process of sprinklin water over head gives conccentration of mind,duly purifying the mind & body.The 2 prokshanams with the intervening achaman duly reciting the relevant manthra purify not only water but also mind & body.Which gives such a qualification to the performer to do the next part of this nithya karma ie Arghyam

Arghya refers to something divine (sacrosanct) offered with both hands to the SUN-GOD. Prakrutham Srimath Paravakkottai Andavan ( Srirangam) , in the book, ” Yajur Vedeeya Sandhyavandana Bashyam ” says:— Some “Rakshasas” through their “Thapas” (penance) got” varam” ( boon) from Brahma and obtained strength and skill. They become haughty and they are fighting with Sun-God daily. Water thrown up duly reciting ” Gayathri Manthra” become transferred into a powerful weapon ( Vajra ayudha of Indra ) and chases/scares/ drives out the asuras to an island called “Mandeharuna”, who attack the Sun-God interfering His duties and blocking such duties Thus, Asuras are driven out daily by this performance of offering ” Arghya” , because they are coming again and again voluntarily to fight with Sun-God
H.H. further says that to weed out the “papa” ( sin) accrued through this act by us , we come around us clockwise reciting 3 Vyahruthis ( Om bhoor bhuvas suva:)and meditating Sun-God as” Brahmam” with the manthra ” Asavaadhitya brahma”

This is the kind of worshipful Offering of water to the Sun-God He is the light of lights, vitality, and intelligence. Such offering of Arghya brings direct relationship with Surya Narayana for the receipt, preservation of vital forces, as Sun-God is also the God of waters. This offering of arghya prepares the performer to make him fit and holy for performing the next nithya-karma -Jabha of Gayathri manthra
This” arghya” is given by way of atonement/expiation , if “arghya” is not offered at the prescribed time. This prayas-chitta arghyam also drives rakshasas though offered late

Then, Tharppanam Duly performing ” achamanam” again, water is offered through the fore-fingers( water will flow from right-hand palm to all the fingers downwards) to Sriman Narayana , reciting His 12 namas, each ofwhich refers a distinct aspect of GOD–Sriman Narayana(i.e. Kesavam tharppayami, Narayanan tharppayami….)

If we say in a nut-shell, Sandhyavandanam begins with

1. Achamanam
2. Pranayamam
3. Sankalpam,Satvika thyaakam
4. Prokshanam
5. Nyasam( Sooryasyeth yanuvagasya agnirishi: devi Gayathri chandha: suryo devatha abham prachane viniyoka:) then take water
Suryascha mamunyuscha Take water duly reciting this

6. Again, Achamanam
7. Prokshanam
8. Pranayamam
9—Nyasam ( Arghya pradana manthrasya ………)

Then Arghyam If necessary, kala-atita-prayaschitta arghyam/ -self–pradakshinam in the ground
Then ” Tharppanam” – in “jalam “
Till this, Sandhyavandana Nithya karma is performed with water ( Jala-bhagam)

To be contd ..!

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