Sri Sundarabahusthavam – 34


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avApta samasta kAman!
avApta samasta kAman!
  • SlOkam 100:
  • S100

    Aj~nA tava atra bhavati viditA trayI sA
    dharmam taduktam akhilena vanAdrinAtha! |
    anyUnam Acaritum Astika SikshaNArtham
    atrAvatIrya kila sundara! rAghava: abhU: ||

    This and the subsequent six Slokams are about RaamAvatAram.


    SundarabAho! Did You not incarnate as SrI Raamacandran in Raghu Vamsam to follow and obey the dharmams that you established in all their fullness as a role model and for correcting the AstikAs (Astika SikshaNArtham) from lapses in the observance of these dharmams?


    Sri Raamabhadran has been saluted by Swamy Desikan as the very embodiment of dharmam (rAmo vigrahavAn dharma:). In VishNu dharmOttaram, the Lord declared:

    Sruti: smrtir-mamaivAjn~A yastAmullangya vartate
    Ajn~AcchedhI mama drohi madbhaktoapi na vaishnava:

    He said: The VedAs and the smrtis of Maharshis closely following Vedam are my commands. AstikAs should not trespass them. If they do, they commit droham to Me. Even if such trespassing AstikAs have huge amount of Bhakti for Me, they are not true VaishNavAs. The first padam of this Slokam is an echo of that statement by BhagavAn about dharmAnushThAnams based on Vedam and smrtis. Every one has to observe them without slip. If one is an AcAryan, He has to observe it and set an example for others. Sri Raaman is a prathamAcAryan and therefore He observed these dharmAs of His without blemish. He also corrected AstikAs, who believe in Vedam and Brahman (asti brahmeti cet veda) and showed them the right way to observe the dharmams through personal example.

  • SlOkam 101:
  • S101

    vanagiripatirISiteti devai:
    tripurahara tripuraghna cApa bhangAt |
    vygaNi paraSurAma darSitasya
    svakadhanusha: parimarSa darSanAt ca ||

    In this Slokam, KUresar refers to the demonstration of sarveSvaratvam by Lord Raamacandra by breaking of the Siva dhanus at Janaka’s court and chording of the VishNu dhanus, when challenged by the haughty ParaSurAmA.

    DevAs comprehended the sarveSvaratvam of Sri Raamacandran from two of His lIlAs:

    Breaking of the bow of Siva (pinAkam), which was involved in the burning of tripuram by Sivan (tripurahara tripuraghna cApa bhangAt) and
    By chording the mighty VishNu dhanus shown by ParaSurAmA (paraSurAma darSitasya svakadhanusha: parimarSa darSanAt).

    The devAs then understood that TirumAlirumcOlai nAthan is the Supreme Lord (Para brahmam).

  • SlOkam 102:


anavAptam atra kila lipsyate janai:
na ca labdhamedam iha bhoktumishyate |
anavAptam atra kila nAsti rAma! tat
jagati tvayA trNam avaikshi sundara! ||

The avApta samasta kAmatvam of Lord Raamacandran is saluted here by KUresar.


Oh Lord of SolaimalaI! In this world, people wish to enjoy the sukhams and aiSvaryams that they have not experienced hitherto (sundara! janai: atra anavAptam kila lipsyate). Oh Lord who incarnated as Sri Raaman! They do not seem to relish what they have obtained here at Your divya desam (i.e.), Yourself. Among all the aiSvaryams and bhogams, there is nothing that You have not enjoyed befitting Your name as avApta samasta kAman. It is because of this, the Kosala Kingdom appeared like a worthless blade of grass and You left it behind and went to the forest. Vedam salutes the Lord as: “Attha kAma: AptakAma: satya kAma:, nAnAvAptamavAptavyam”.


Oppiliappan KOil Sri Varadachari SaThakOpan Swami

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