Sri Prasanna Varadarajaswamy Temple – Lakshmipuram, Chitoor,A.P Brahmothsavam


The Prasanna Varadaraja swamy temple is at Lakshmipuram Agraharam though a tiny village situated 3 Km from Kuppam Railway station on the Chennai-Bangalore Railway route. sleeping all the time in the loop of a plateau at the South western of Chittoor district in Andhra Pradesh,
Ever since the shrine has been attracting hundreds of learned and pious men like the spiritual stalwart Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Sriman Ranga Ramanuja swamy popularly known as Kethanpatti Swamy , his disciple Paramahamsa Parivrajaka Sriman Varadha Ramanuja swamy known as Sri Denkanikota swamy. His holiness Sriman Vedantha Ramanuja Swamy known as Kodalai Swamy, whose Brindavan is situated in the village and several other men of God.Paramahamsa Parivrajaka swamis like Sriman Kozhilam swamy and Sriman Thilasthanam Swamy have performed Mangala Sasanam in the temple several times.

The Annual Brahmothsavam of Prasanna VaradarajaSwamy was celebrated in grand manner from 21-05-2013 to 03-06-2013,These are some of the photos of Varadaraja Swamy taken during the procession in various vahanams and thirukolams during Brahmothsavam .

Courtesy : Varun Ravikumar

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