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SrirangaNayaki Thayar Jyestabhishekam at Srirangam

The “Jyeshtabhishekam’ for perumal was grandly celebrated at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy temple on 22-06-2013. On this occasion the holy water brought in gold and silver pots from the River Cauvery and is used for thirumanjanam. (For coverage, please visit  http://anudinam.org/2013/06/23/srirangam-aani-thirumanjanam/)

Likewise, Sriranganayaki Thayar “Jyeshtabhishekam’ took place yesterday (June 28,2013). The Holy water is taken from the Holy river Coleroon in Golden and silver pot to Thayar Sannadhi. As usual, a lot of Kaingaryaparas took part in the event to do the kainkaryam. These are some of the photographs taken while water was taken from the river and procession towards the kovil.


Photo Courtesy : Sri Souriraajen Raghunathan

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