Thirumanikoodam Varadharaja Perumal Kovil Aani Poosai Thiruvizha


ThirumaniKoodam is one of the Divyadesam located near Seerkazhi. The Moolavar of this Divyadesam is Sri Varadharaja Perumal. Also known as Manikooda Nayagan. He is giving his seva in Nindra (Standing) Thirukkolam in facing his thirumugham towards east direction. He is found with Four hands on the Aadhiseshan. Prathyaksham for Lord Chandran.

The Utsavam with arulicheyal goshti starts on tamil month Aani 17th (July 1, 2013) to Aani 26th (July 10, 2013). Bhaagavathaas are asked to attend and grace the utsavam. Here is the Patrigai of the Aani Poosai Thiruvizha at Thirumanikoodam…

thirumanikoodam_2013_utsavam opt

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