Thirumeyyam Sri Sathymoorthy Perumal Jyestabhishekam


Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_2

Thirumayyam is one among the 108 Divyasesams, located 20kms from Pudukkottai at the Pudukkottai to Karaikudi route. The divyadampathis are known by the thriunamam of Sri Ujjivanavalli Thayar and Sri Sathymoorthy Perumal. One can have darshan of Sri Azhagiyameyyar in sayana thirukkolam. Thirumangai Azhwar has done mangalasasanam here.

Jyestabhishekam for Vijaya Varusham was conducted between 5th of July 2013 to 8th of July 2013. Some of the photos taken during the utsavam can be viewed below

Detailed Sthala Puranam can be read from:

Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_1 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_2 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_3 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_4 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_5

Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_10 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_11 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_12 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_13 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_14

Tirumeyam_2 Tirumeyam_3 Tirumeyam_4 Tirumeyam_5 Tirumeyam_6 Tirumeyam_7 Tirumeyam_8 Tirumeyam_9 Tirumeyam_10 Tirumeyam_11

New Ther is being built at Thirumeyyam as seen below
Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_6

Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_7 Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_8

Thirumeyam Jyeshtabhishekam_9

Detailed Sthala Puranam can be read from:

Photo Courtesy: Sri Sourirajan and Sri Sundaraman

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