Pavitrotsavam at Kodavasal Srinivasa Perumal Temple


Kudavasal Temple

Located 15 km from Oppiliappan temple on the Kumbakonam-Thiruvarur highway is the Srinivasa Perumal temple, in Kodavasal. Pavitrotsavam for Vijay varusham is scheduled to take place between 1st and 3rd of August 2013. The following is the detailed programme for the utsavam…

About the Temple:
Ahead of Pralayam, Brahmma approached Vishnu to help safeguard the Vedas. Mixing Nectar with sand, Vishnu made a sacred pot (Kudam) and asked him to place it Meru Hill in the North. During the Pralayam, the pot slid down the hill, flowed along rivers and opened up and came to a halt here. The resultant river, which one can see 1km north of this temple is Kudamuruti. Brahmma opened the sacred pot and the first place created after the pralayam was ‘Kuda’ ‘Vayil’, which in passing of time became Kudavasal.  This place is referred to as Kadathvara Pura Kshetram by North Indians (sacred pot = Kada, opening of the sacred pot = Dwara)

Kubera, God of Wealth and the ruler of the Northern direction, undertook penance and wanted Lord Srinivasa to provide darshan facing the North. Accepting his prayers, he is said to have appeared here. Hence, sincere prayers at this temple is said to bring prosperity and wealth.  During Krishnadeva Raya’s period and his visit to this region, several Vaishnavites who accompanied him are said to have stayed back. The idol of Srinivasa Perumal was found buried inside facing the Northern direction (belief is that this may have been buried in the aftermath of the Islamic invasion).

A story goes that Lord Srinivasa appeared at the Tiruvarur Court as a witness in favour of his devotee. During this time, the Sanctum door could not be opened even after it was unlocked. It is believed that the door opened automatically after the verdict in favour of the devotee. Hence it is believed that Lord Srinivasa of Kudavasal answers the prayers of his devotees and fulfills their wishes.

Some of the key utsavams at this temple are as follows:

  • Every Friday – Moolavar Thirumanjanam
  • Every Saturday – Fasting and performing archanai for Srinivasa Perumal is said to fulfil every wish of the devotees. Kubera, God of Wealth, is believed to bless the devotees and provide them with prosperity.
  • Every Thursday – Srinivasa Perumal adorns the Vadakalai Thiruman and provides Nethra Darshan to devotees. Having darshan on this day is said to eliminate drishti.
  • Every Month on Shravanam day, lighting Ghee lamp is a special event here

Moolavar : Srinivasa Perumal North Facing Standing Posture
Time : 730am-12noon and 5pm-830pm

The temple is located within 200 yards of the Kodavasal bus stand. Buses every 15minutes between Kumbakonam and Thiruvarur. Kodavasal can be reached in 45minutes, both from Kumbakonam and Thiruvarur. Thirucherai Divya Desam is within 5 km north of the Kodavasal temple.

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