Yathiraja Vimsathy – Sloka 7 and 8


 swami ramanuja sri krishna sabha


Meaning :

O King of Yathis! I am an animal edition of human existence. I have the body of a human being (nara Vapu:), but by deeds, I am closer to an animal (Pasu Vrutthi). Inspite of this, I mislead others and make them think that I am a model of one shining with aathma GuNAs celebrated by the VedAs and VedAngAs. I am completely different than the impression I give them. I am a pOli Bhagavathan (pOtkan). What a Pity that I am in this despicable state!



Meaning :

O YathirAjA! What a ruffian and vesha Dhaari (actor) I am! I carry the title of Prapannan and yet I am engaged in the performance of deeds not permitted by sAsthrAs. I create great sorrow for you with my conduct. I am not fit to be seen in the company of your devout sishyAs and yet I pretend that I am one of your very dear disciple and thus practice falsehood. You must take mercy on me and lift me up.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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