Samprokshanam at Mukundagiri Sri Kodandaramar Srinivasa Perumal Thirukkoil


Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_2

Samprokshanam at Sri Kodandaramar Srinivasa Perumal Thirukkoil, Mukundagiri was celebrated grandly yesterday, the 14th of July 2013. Prior to this, Sudarsana Homam was conducted on June 30,2013. HH 46th Azhagiyasingar, Srimathe Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yatindra Mahadesikan, offered Mangalasasanam to Perumal here on July 1, 2013, photos of which can be viewed in this link:

Hundreds of devotees in and around the village and from Chennai attended the Samprokshanam. Some of the photos taken during the event can be viewed below

Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_3 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_4 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_5 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_6 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_7 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_8 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_9 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_10 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_11 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_12 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_13 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_14 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_15 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_16 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_17 Mukundagiri Samprokshanam_18

Photo Courtesy: Sri Ravikumar

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