Krishnarajamudi Brahmotsavam at Thirunarayanapuram (Melkote)


017_Vijaya Varusha Pallavotsavam Melkote

Thirunarayanapuram (Melkote) Krishnarajamudi Brahmotsavam is scheduled to take place between July 24th and August 2nd, 2013. After Dwajaavarohanam on August 2nd,2013, Thiruvadipooram Thodakkam for Yadugiri Thayar would take place. Astikas in and around the area may make it convenient to attend the upcoming grand utsavams.

The following is the detailed schedule for the utsavam…

July 24, 2013 1st Thirunaal: Dwajarohanam, Mahabhishekam and Kalyanotsavam Morning 9am mantapa vahanam for Shelvappillai with mudal Thiruvandadi ghoshti
Morning 10.30am Thirumanjanam for Thayar, Thirunarayanar, Shelvappillai ubhya naachiyar with Vishwaksenar, Parankusha, Prakala, Yathirajar
Evening 5.30pm Shelvappillai and Yadhugiri Thayar Kalyanotsavam
Night 8.30pm Hamsa vahanam for Shelvappillai
July 25, 2013 2nd Thirunaal Night 8.30pm Shesha vahanam with irandaam Thiruvandaadi ghoshti
July 26, 2013 3rd Thirunaal Night 8.30pm Chandra mandala vahanam with moonram Thiruvandaadi ghoshti
July 27, 2013 4th Thirunaal Nagavalli Mahotsavam and Krishnarajamudi Utsavam
Evening 4pm Shelvapplai Thayar pallkku purappadu
Night 8.30pm Krishnarajamudi utsavam wth naanmuha Thruvandaadi
July 28, 2013 5th Thirunaal: Prahalada Paripalanam Evening 5pm Prahalada Paripalanam
Night 8.30pm Garuda vahanam with Thiruviruttam ghoshti
July 29, 2013 6th Thirunaal: Gajendra Moksham Evening 5pm Gajendra moksham
Night 8.30pm Kudurai and Aanai vahanam with Thiruvaashiriyam and Periya Thiruvandaadi ghoshti
July 30, 2013 7th Thirunaal: Rathotsavam Morning 9am Yatradanam, 10am purappadu for Shelvappillai with Periya Thirumozhi ghoshti
July 31, 2013 8th Thirunaal: Theppotsavam Evening 6pm Theppotsavam purappadu for Shelvappllai
Night 8pm Dolotsavam, after Dolotsavam Vedupari utsavam
August 1, 2013 9th Thirunaal: Theerthavari Morning 6am purappadu for Shelvapplai to Thirumangai Azhwar Sannadhi with Siriya and Periya Thirumadal ghoshti
8am Sandaana sewai, 10am Thiruppavai ghoshti and satrumurai
11am Theerthavaari purappadu to Kalyani theertham
Evening 6am Pattabhisheka thirukkolam for Shelvappllai with Ramanuja Nootrandaadi
Night 8pm Thiruvoimozhi 9th and 10th hundred ghoshti and satrumurai in yaagashaalai
August 2, 2013 10th Thirunaal: Dwadasa Aradhanam Evening 6pm Dwadasa Aradhanam for Shelvappllai
Night 8pm Hanumantha Vahanam and Dwajaavarohanam

005_Vijaya Varusha Pallavotsavam Melkote

About the temple:

Located about 35 km North East of Srirangapatnam on the banks of the Cauvery in the Pandavapura Taluk-Mandya District of Karnataka at the foot of the Yadava Giri is one of the most sacred and historical Vaishnavite temples – the Thiru Narayana Perumal Koil in ThiruNarayanapuram (now Melkote), one that dates back to the Kritha Yugam. Brahma’s sons Sanatkumaras brought their father’s pooja deity ‘Lord Narayana’ and installed the vigraham at Melkote.

An interesting feature at the Thiru Narayanan temple is that there is a separate sannidhi for the Utsava deity, ‘Selva Pillai’ (Sampath Kumaran) not seen anywhere else. Only one day in the year, are both Moolavar and Utsavar deities seen together at this temple to celebrate the home coming of Selva Pillai Sampath Kumaran.

The following is a Video Upanyasam about Ethiraja Sampath Kumaran:

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