Yathiraja Vimsathy Sloka 17 and 18


 swami ramanujan sriperumbudur3

 17a 17b


O YathirAjA! Sri RanganAthA is presenting Himself at Srirangam for all to enjoy Him. He has the auspicious attributes (KalyANa GuNAs) that can only be understood through the declarations of the VedAs. That RanganthA of matchless power and glory is under your control.

Therefore, O Acharya Saarvabhouma! You are indeed capable of removing my miseries.

18a 18b


O RaamAnujA! For the one, who has committed limitless sins through mind, body and speech, the Lord of Srirangam is the sole refuge in the past, present and future. Our protection is indeed that prayer of yours to the Sri RanganAthA on a panguni Uttaram day through your SaraNAgathi. That is our invaluable and only protection.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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