Pavitrotsavam at Mylapore Madhava Perumal Koil: Day 1 & 2


Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_1

Annual Pavitrotsavam was conducted at Madhava Perumal Temple in Mylapore, today, 19th of July 2013.  Annual Pavitrotsavams are purificatory rituals recommended by Aagamas to expiate the commissions and the omissions associated with daily worship (Aaraadhanam) of the Lord at His consecrated temples.   Lapses in the performance of the Aaraadhanam are recognized and a detailed ceremony consisting of homam in front of the Utsava Moorty at a specailly constructed yaaga saala. The decoration of all the Moortys of the temple with specially prepared necklaces made of dyed cotton thread is carried out and the day concludes with a pornahoothi. This is an elaborate utsavam , which can be conducted from 3-10 days depending on the temple tradition. The time for the performance of the Pavitrotsavam is different from temple to temple.

Pavitrotsavam is a well prescribed ritual , where the archaka prays for forgiveness for all lapses–conscious or otherwise– in the daily worship of the Lord .

Some of the photographs taken during the Pavitrotsavam can be viewed below

Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_2 Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_3 Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_4 Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_5 Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_6 Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_7

Madhava Perumal_Pavitrotsavam_1

Photo Courtesy: Sri Madhanagopala Battar

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