HH Srimath Andavan Mangalasasanam at Tirupati Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple


Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_08

HH Srimath Srimushnam Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Maha Desikan offered Mangalasasanam at Sri Govindaraja Swamy temple in Tirupati on the 20th of July 2013, Saturday at 4 pm in the evening. Several sishyas, abhimanees and bhaktas received Srimath Andavan and was honoured by Isthikapal Maryadai by the TTD Temple Authorities.

On 23rd of July 2013 (Tuesday) Srimad Andavan would observe Chaturmasya Sankalpam at Tirumala Andavan Ashramam.

Some of the photographs taken during Mangalasasanam at Sri Govindaraja Swamy Temple earlier today can be viewed below:

Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_01 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_02 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_03 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_04 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_05 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_06 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_07 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_08 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_09 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_10 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_11 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_12 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_13 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_15 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_16 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_17 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_18 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_19 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_20 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_21 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_22 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_23 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_24 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_25 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_26 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_27 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_28 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_29 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_30 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_31 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_32 Srimath Andavan_Tirupathi_2013_33
Photo Courtesy: Sri Sriram TK Seshadri

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