Azhagarkoil Aadi Brahmotsavam: Vennai Thazhi Kannan Alankaram


Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_11

During the Aadi Brahmotsavam for Kallazaghar at Azhagarkoil which commenced on July 13, 2013, purappadu for Perumal in Vennai Thazhi Kannan alankaram took place on July 20th, 2013. The photographs taken during these utsavams could be viewed below.

The following are links to previous days’ utsavams…

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Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_01 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_02 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_03 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_04 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_05 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_06 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_07 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_08 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_10  Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_12 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_13 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_14 Kalazhagar_Brahmotsavam_Vennai Thazhi_2013_15

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