Paan Perumaalum Desikanum

ThirupaanazhwarSwami Desikan

This artilce “Paan Perumalum Desikanum”, is written by Sri. U.Ve. Thirukallam Narasimahraghavacharya Swami.

Paan Perumalum Desikanum_1
Paan Perumalum Desikanum_2 Paan Perumalum Desikanum_3 Paan Perumalum Desikanum_4 Paan Perumalum Desikanum_5 Paan Perumalum Desikanum_6

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  1. Svami Desikan’s Grantham’s as usual are always have a distinguishing vyakanam. And the note by Sri Tirukkallam Swamy is simply excellent and shows his authority on Arulicheyal also apart of his exemplary knowledge on SriBhashya, Bhagwad Gita and Sri Rahyasatrayasaram (known as Sara Sarangya).

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