Pathinettam Perukku at Srirangam Sri Ranganathar Thirukkoil


Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_00

Today August 3, 2013 (Saturday), Pathinettam Perukku (or Aadi 18) was celebrated grandly at Srirangam. During this utsavam, thousands of devotees witnessed Namperumal purappadu in swarna pallakku (golden palanquin) from moolasthanam to Amma Mandapam. Purpapaddu took place between 6 am to 11:30 am. At Amma Mandapam, there was alankaram and amudu saydal for Namperumal at 4 pm followed by offering of garland to Kaveri Thayar at 4:45 pm. Purappadu from Amma Mandapam took at 8:30 pm to Veli Andal Sannadhi where Malai matrum utsavam took place. Thereafter, Namperumal returned to moolasthanam. There were thousands of devotees at Amma mandapam, to take a dip in the Kaveri river. For upcoming events in Srirangam this month, visit here: Pathinettam Perukku and Sri Jayanthi Utsavams at Srirangam Sri Ranganathar Thirukkoil

Some of the photos taken this morning can be viewed below
Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_01 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_02
Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_05 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_06 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_07 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_08 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_09 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_10 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_11 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_12
Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_20 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_13 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_14 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_15 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_16 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_17 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_18 Aadi 18_Srirangam_2013_19

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