Azhagarkoil Sri Kalyanasundaravalli Thayar Aadi Velli Purappadu


Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_10

On August 2, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Aadi Velli Kizhamai, purappadu and unjal sevai for Sri Kalyanasundaravalli Thayar at Azhagarkoil Sri Kallazaghar Divya Desam took place well in the evening. The following are some of the photographs taken during the purappadu..

Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_00 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_01 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_02 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_03 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_04 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_05 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_06 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_07 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_08 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_09 Kalazhagar_aadi Velli_2013_10

For the coverage of the recently concluded Brahmotsavam at this temple in Anudinam, please visit the following links:

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