Srirangam Veli Andal Sannadhi Thiruvadipooram Utsavam: Day 6


Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_04

On August 4, 2013, Sri Andal in the Veli Andal Sannadhi, Srirangam was in Nachiyar Thirukolam as part of the ongoing Thiruvadipooram Utsavam in this Vijaya Varusham. In order to attain Perumal, Nammazhwar and Thirumangaiazhwar have assumed the role of women. Nammperumal too dons Nachiyar Thirukalam on Dasami prior to Paramapada Ekadashi. However, Perumal, Parankusa and Parakala are men dressed up as Nachiyar but for Andal it is a role that comes naturally.

Today, August 5, 2013, Andal is in Paramapadanatha Alankaram in Veli Andal Sannidhi. AdiSeshan supports Her Thiruvadi by curling up His tail. The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_00 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_01 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_02 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_03 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_04 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_05 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_06 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_07 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_08 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_09 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_10 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_11 Velli Andal_Srirangam_Thiruvadipooram_2013_12

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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