HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Chathurmasya Sankalpam – Day 16


HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_11

Today, August 6, 2013; Vijaya Aadi Amavasya Pushya nakshtram, is the 16th day of fifth Chaturmasya sankalpam of HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan. A sanyasi’s age is measured by the number of Chathurmasyams observed.

Today morning Abhigamanam was over as usual and since the number of devotees were less compared to other days, Theertham, sathari and prasadam distribution was over earlier than usual. Dadhiyonam was made out of rice rava because of Amavasya.

When both Azhagiyasigar’s observed their Chaturmasyam in Thirupullani a few years back, numerous devotees had samudra snanam with the Azhagiyasingars.

About Pushya nakshatram, Bharathazhwar took avatharam under this star. Bharatha is the epitome of seshatvam. Lakshmana did serve Sri Rama always but Bharatha can be said to be a step higher. His was a case of total obedience to Rama. He was suspected by all of ulterior motives and the shapathams he made were many. He did not sit on the throne even for a second.  He placed the Padukas  on the throne and donned an ascetic’s bark garments, bathed in The Sarayu and was a caretaker till Rama’s return. By contemplating on Bharatha, we become purified. But for Bharatha we would never have got Swami Desikan’s “Paduka Sahasram”. Swami Desikan avers that Paduka Rajyam was even better than Ramarajya. No parents experienced Putra sokham during the Paduka’s rule.  Padukas refer to Acharyas in SriVaishnava parlance. Nammazhwar wanted to reach out to all people that is why He became a Shatari. Everyone gets Shatari sambandam when it is placed on our heads.  Shatari is present in all 106 divya Desams and in every SriVaishnava temple and every Perumal purappadu is accompanied by Sathari. Sri Ahobila Mutt’s sambandham with Nammazhwar is very close.  Every Srimath Azhagiyasigar has Van Sathakopan attached to His name and doubly blessed are the devotees who get sathari from the Thirukaram of Srimath Azhagiyasingar.

Today Nammperumal’s Amavasai Purappadu started at 9.15 am and Thirumanjanam was performed at Santanu Mandapam. The talk of Srirangam is the gushing in of waters at North Kavery also known as Kollidam.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today….

HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_00 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_01 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_02 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_03 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_04 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_05 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_06 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_07 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_08 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_09 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_10 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_11 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar_Day16_Chaturmasyam_12

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi and Sundararajan

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  1. We are unfortunate to have darshan of our Acharyal daily or even once in a while. However, Anudhinam has made it possible for the Aasthigas to have daily darshan of Shrimath Azhagiasingar throuth the photographs and fulfills our desire. We are indebted to Anudhinam for this yoman service. Dasan r.k.rajagopalan(Bangalore)


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