Thirukkannamangai Thiruvaadipooram Thiruveedhi Purappadu



Today, 9th of August 2013 being Thiruvaadipooram, Thirumanjanam was done for Sri Bhaktavatsala Perumal and Sri Andal at Thirukannamangai, took place in a grand manner. In the evening, Thiruveedhi purappadu for Sri Bakthavathsala Perumal with Sri Aandal took place.

On August 13, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Aadi Swathi, Sri Pakshirajan’s Thirunakshatram Utsavam is scheduled to be celebrated at Thirukkannamangai, details of which can be read in this link: Thirukkannamangai Sri Pakshirajan Thirunakshatram Utsavam

Some of the photos taken during the purappadu today can be viewed below:

Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_00 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_01 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_02 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_03 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_04 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_05 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_06 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_07 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_08 Thirukannapuram_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_09

Courtesy: Sri Rajagopalan TSR

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  1. Excellant coverage of Sri Bhaktha Vathsalan and Sri Andal.
    The divine pair exibhit that they are as simple as they are merciful. As Swami Desikan prays in Godha Sthuthi, as long as Andal is in front of Emperuman we are saved..(PARSHVE PARATHRA BHAVATHI YADHI THATHRA NAASEETH PRAAYENA DEVI VADANAM PARIVARTHITHAM SYAATH)! Thanks a lot TSR


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