Vijaya Varusha Sri Andal Thiruvadipooram Utsavam



Today, August 9th, 2013; Vijaya Varusha Aadi Pooram, is the avathara dinam of Sri Andal (The SoodiKudutha Nachiyar) on this Bhoolokam for the ujjeevanam (upliftment) of all jeevatmas (Bhadatmas). It is purely due to the kArunyam (mercy) of Sri Andal that She took this avatharam and bestowed on us the beautiful Prabandams of Thiruppavai (30 Pasurams) and Nachiyar Thirumozhi (143 Pasurams).

Srivilliputtur_Thiruvaadipooram_2013_22This day is celebrated grandly at various Divya Desams, Abhimana Sthalams and Bhakta Gruhas (houses). At various Divya Kshetrams, this utsavam is celebrated for 10 days culminating into Thiruvadipooram.

At Sri Andal’s avathara sthalam of Srivilliputtur, this 10-day utsavam is a special one and commenced with Dwajarohanam on August 1st this year. Today, Thiruther of Sri Andal is taking place in a grand manner.

Anudinam has covered this 10-day utsavam at various kshetrams including Srivilliputtur, Kanchipuram, Srirangam, Thiruvallur, Thirukoodal, Thiruvahindrapuram Thirukkoshtiyur and Mylapore (Chennai). This could be view by clicking the following link on Thiruvadipooram Utsavam.

The following is a write-up on Sri Andal written by Sri K. Sundararajan of Trichy…

Sri Andal_1 Sri Andal_2 Sri Andal_3 Sri Andal_4 Sri Andal_5 Sri Andal_6 Sri Andal_7

Srivilliputtur_Thiruvaadipooram_day2_2013_08Srivilliputtur_Thiruvaadipooram_day1_2013_12Thiruvadipooram Andal and Rengamannar Kannadi

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