Thiruvadipooram at Srirangam Swami Desikan Sannadhi: Day 4


Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0018

As part of the ongoing annual Andal Thiruvadipooram Mahotsavam at Srirangam Veli Desikan Sannadhi which commenced on Friday, August 9th, 2013, today was Day 4 of the utsavam. The 9-day utsavam is organised by Poundarikapuram Srimad Andavan Ashramam and Sri Andal will be taken in various vahanams in different alangarams everyday.

Today, Sri Andal had purappadu on Hamsa vahanam in the Chitra veedhis. The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0001 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0002 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0003 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0006 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0007 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0008 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0010 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0011 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0012 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0013 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0014 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0015 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0016 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0018 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0021 Srirangam_Desikan Sannadhi_2013_0023

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