Hamsa Sandesam Sloka 2


Thiruneermalai Brahmotsavam Hamsa Vahanam


In the early morning hours (kAlye), Lord Raamacandran woke up with the intent of pressing the army of monkeys led by their King SugrIvan (kapi kula pate: senAm) to start quickly on their journey for the invasion of LankA (dUrNam udyojayishyan). He moved around with a sorrowful heart resulting from His separation from His dear Devi, who was at a great distance. During His stroll, He came across a white King swan with a joyous gait (krIDA khelam) and bright hue of the full Moon (rAkA candra dyuti sahacaram) at a lotus pond (kamala sarasi) near His camp.


The moment Sri Raamacandran heard the auspicious news of SitA Piratti being at LankA, He wanted to expedite the invasion of LankA with the army of SugrIvan and to lay siege to LankA. His mind was agitated over the fact that a huge distance separated Him from His Devi and the vast sea was in between. He was worried about the dead line set by His Piratti for her rescue and many thoughts criss crossed His mind. During His walk around the camp where SugrIvA’a army was stationed, there was a lotus pond, where the Raaja Hamsams that normally reside in Lake Maanasarovar spend their summers. At this pond, Sri Raamacandran saw a proud and beautiful Raaja Hamsam. Its gait reminded Him of His Devi’s gait. It was a pUrNima day and the beauty of the Swan caught His attention.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

Hamsa Sandesam2            Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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