Mukunda Maala Sloka 25



 Mukunda Mala 25

Futility of holy deeds without recitation of Sri Krishna Mantram!

Meaning :

In this verse, the AzhvAr explains the futility of all holy deeds if one does not recite the SrI-kRshNa-mantram or drink the medicine known as SrI kRshNa or think about HIM.

AzhvAr describes the futility of vEdic recitation, rituals like EkAdaSi fasting, giving money to charities, pilgrimage to sacred places or bathing in gangA river if one does not meditate on the Holy Feet of SrI kRshNa. This is because of the paling of all other so called sacred acts compared to the Supreme glory of SrI kRshNa who is the incarnation of SrIman-nArAyaNa.

With  that  conviction  born  out  of  his  own  experience,  SrI  kulaSEkharar declares the Supremacy of Sriman-nArAyaNa, with the statement

“sa dEva: nArAyaNa: vijayatE “

SrI KulaSEkhara-rAja gives three examples of inefficacious “sacred” deeds if performed without meditation on the Holy Feet of SrI kRshNa.

  1. The first example is the recitation of the vEda-s.”AmnAya abhyasanAni araNya ruditam vEda”: the AzhvAr says that such recitations without recollection of the Lord’s Lotus Feet are like screams and lamentations in the forest, where no one can come to help.
  2. The second example is the daily practice of rituals sanctioned by the vEda-s. Such practices without the thought of the Lord can only dry up one’s muscles and cannot yield any benefits to help bring the practitioners close to the Lord. AzhvAr describes these fruitless rituals as, ” anu-aham vEda vratAni mEda: chEda phalAni iva”.
  3. The third example of futile rituals resulting from the pursuit of charitable deeds without faith in the Lord, are described as hOmam-s (ie pouring of the sacrificial ghee) performed on ashes. Our AzhvAr says: “sarvE pUrta-vidhaya: bhasmani hutam iva”. Charitable deeds like digging  ponds  and  building  public  facilities  etc., devoid of kRshNa- bhakti are like pouring oblations unto ashes, according to SrI KulaSEkhara.

Even  gangA-snAnam without  meditation on SrI kRshNa  is  like  “elephant’s bath” and hence unsatisfactory. The AzhvAr wants us to remember the Holy Feet of Lord in all our deeds in order to get his full blessings.

Commentary by: Sri Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan

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