Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 20 & 21

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Sloka 20
Hamsa Sandesam Sloka 20

The Junction of KannaDa and Andhra desams


My dear Swan friend! During your flight, you will see additional sweet sights. At the junction of Andhra deSam and KarnATakA, you will find rich fields growing sugar cane crops. The young girls of this junction area provide protective services for the crops (SAli samrakshikA). Under the shade of these tall sugar cane crops, the girls stretch beds made of woven leaves and will be sitting on them and chatting about the day’s events (ikshucchAye kisalaya mayam talpam AtathushINAm). They will gossip and tease each other joyously (tai: sallApai: mudita manasAm) during those lazy afternoons to wile away their time. They will be enchanted by their own sweet songs set in hybrid Telugu and KannaDa BhAshA (karNATa-Andhra vyatikara vasAt karbure gIti) and tender feelings of love will arise in the minds of these young girls at the beginning of youth (SAli samrakshikANAm madana kalusham maugdhyam). May you (Swan) take note of all these happenings, enjoy them (AsvAdayethA:) and continue with your journey!

Sloka 21
Hamsa Sandesam Sloka 21

The hills of TiruvEnkaDam coming into view


Oh dear Swan Friend! As you continue with your flight south beyond the border of KarnATakA and Andra Pradesh, the hill of SeshAdri/anjana Giri will come in to your sight. This hill is recognized by the people as Lord AdiSeshan Himself. There are three reasons for it:

  • Lord SrinivAsan resides eternally here seated on AdiSeshan
  • The king of serpents, AdiSeshan stays under BhUmi and supports this hill
  • AdiSeshan’s hoods carry precious gems. Such gems are also seen on the peaks of these hills.

These three reasons give rise to the acceptance by the devotees that AdiSeshan himself has taken the form of these hills. The rainy season is now over. The clouds are white now and look like the snake that has shed its skin. Such a hill will appear before your eyes and make you happy.


anjanAdri: The name of anjanAdri arose because of

  • Vaayu’s wife, anjanA devi performed severe tapas on this hill and was blessed here with a son, whom she named Anjaneyan. That hill, where she performed tapas is linked to her name
  • Once BhUmi Devi wanted Her Lord (VarAha PerumAL) to tell Her about the mountains that can bear Her. VarAhar listed first Himayam and then identified TiruvEnkaDam as the best among mountains to support Her (VarAha PurANam),
  • Once AdiSeshan performed severe penance seeking the boon of becoming TiruvEnkaDam hills and for the Lord to reside there eternally.

English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan

The following is pictorial representation of the slokas followed by video for Sloka 21 of Hamsa Sandesam…

Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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