Kanchi Perumal Koil Sri Jayanthi and Uriyadi Utsavam


Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_03

Vijaya varusha Sri Jayanthi and Uriyadi Utsavam was celebrated in a grand manner at Kanchipuram Sri Varadaraja Perumal Koil on August 29th and 30th, 2013. On August 30th, there was purappadu for Sri Kannan on Sesha vahanam in the morning in the Mada veedhi. In the evening, Sri Kannan had purappadu along with Sri Devaperumal and ubhaya nachiyars and witnessed the uriyadi utsavam.

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The following are some of the photographs taken during the two-day utsavam:

Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_00

Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_02Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_01 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_03 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_05 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_07 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_11 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_16 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_17 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_19 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_23 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_42 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_44 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_48 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_50 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_54 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_57 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_58Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_02Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_05 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_06 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_10Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_11 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_13 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_14 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_18 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_21 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_23 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_24 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_28 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_29 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_30 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_33 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_36 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_37 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_39 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_40Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_42Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_44 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_45 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_53 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_59 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_61 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_62 Kanchi_Sri Jayanthi_2013_67

Photo Courtesy: Sri Elangadu Ranganatha Chakravarthy

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