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Keelkattalai Sri Srinivasa Perumal Sri Jayanthi Uriyadi Utsavam

Yesterday, 30th of August 2013,  as a part of ongoing Sri Jayanthi Utsavam at Sri Srinivasa Perumal Thirukkoil at Keelkattalai, Uriyadi Utsavam was celebrated grandly. Some of the photos and video taken the utsavam can be viewed belowKeelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_01

Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_10 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_13 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_15 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_16 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_19 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_20 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_23 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_24 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_26 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_28 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_31 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_38 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_39 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_40 Keelkattalai_Sri Jayanthi_2013_42

Courtesy: Sri Rengasamy Ramamoorthy

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