Kainkaryam for Elangadu Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple Renovation


Elangadu Sri Vaikunda Perumal Temple, which is 8 km from Vandavasi, is now in dilapidated condition, due to Srivaishnavites leaving the agraharam to nearby cities for their livelyhood. Perumal is now housed in a Mandapam for Nithya Aradhanam and to protect the deity’s Thirumeni. An Aradhakar from Navalpakkam performs daily Thiruvaradhanams.

Devotees from this temple have now formed a Trust to restore the temple to it’s past glory. It is said that Thirumazhisai Azwar used to visit the temple (details in the write-up below). It is feasible to carry out renovation at least in stages, only with interest and contributions from Sevarthis from all parts of India and Abroad. For more information and to visit the temple, please contact Sri Santhana Bhattar (041 8320 3029) and Sri SS Prasad Babu (984036 8588). The temple website is at http://www.elangadu.com/index.html
The following are the details…
Elangadu Sri Vaikunda Perumal Kainkaryam2 Elangadu Sri Vaikunda Perumal Kainkaryam3
Courtesy: Sri Veeraraghavan
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