Hamsa Sandesam Slokas 24 & 25

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Sloka 24

Appeal to the Swan to stay clear of obstacles on the way to LankA


Dear Swan Friend! Please stay on the shoals of the river in a stationary manner (nibhrtam) and enjoy the sukham offered by the river. At that time, the wind will carry the fragrance of the VanjuLA flowers (vanjuLa Amoda garbhai:) and blow gently over the shoals (puLina pavanai: manda AdhUta), where you are resting. While enjoying these pleasures offered during your sojourn on the sand banks of the river, please do not tarry too long and be distracted from your mission. As you restart your trip to LankA, keep your sweet voice low (anabhivyakta manju praNada:). The common folks listening to your enjoyable voice would like to capture you and keep you in their houses as their pet. The hunters living on the banks of Kanaka MukharI river would also catch you and imprison you. To avoid these mishaps, please hide your voice and move silently and swiftly towards your destination.

The key instruction of SrI Raaman to the Swan is: Please do not get captured by others and speed away on your path to LankA (anyai: alanghya padavIm sapadi samSraya).

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Sloka 25

Hamsa Sandesam 25

Sighting of Satyavrata Kshetram


After leaving the banks of Kanaka MukharI river, traveling south, you will arrive at tuNDIra MaNDalam (toNDai nADu). Please proceed to the sin- destroying Satya Vrata Kshetram in that MaNDalam (region). That Kshetram is revered by all. In that Kshetram, Sriman nArAyaNan rests as the matchless dam for the whole world (sakala jagatAm yEka setu:) and blocks the flood caused by the consort of Brahma devan (Sarasvati), who was rushing towards Satya Vrata Kshetram in all fury in the form of a fast flowing river (vegA setU) to destroy the Yajn~am started by Her husband on top of Hastigiri. Please go to this PuNya Kshetram.


This Kshetram is called Satya Vrata Kshetram because any vratams or yaj~nams performed in this Kshetram will yield the desired phalan even if there are any blemishes in the conductance of these vratams.

Sriman nArAyaNan took the form of a dam (setu) to block the fast moving waters of VegA setu river. SrI Sarasvati was angry at Her husband, Brahma devan due to a PraNaya kalaham (love dispute) between them.

She was separated from Her husband. BrahmA decided to commence an aSvameda yAgam on top of Hastigiri at Satya Vrata Kshetram. He invited Sarasvati to join Him, since a wife has to be present at a Yaj~nam. She refused the invitation and BrahmA decided to have His other wife, Saavitri by His side and commenced the Yaj~nam. Sarasvati was infuriated over the insult and took the form of a fiercely flowing river to wash away the site of the Yaj~nam on top of Hastigiri and disrupt the Yaj~nam. Sriman nArAyaNan came to the rescue of His son, (Brahma devan) and blocked the flow of Sarasvati (His daughter in law) by taking the form of a matchless dam. Sarasvati’s anger was subdued by the action of Her father-in-law and She joined Her husband to complete the Yaj~nam.

Thotti Thirumanjanam Kanchi
English Commentary by Sri Oppiliappan Sadagopan
Hamsa Sandesam 24 Hamsa Sandesam 25
Courtesy: Smt Jayanthi Sridharan (Carnatic vocalist)

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