Sri Jayanthi Utsavam at Thirukovalur – Muthu Panthal & Simha Vahanam


Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_07

As part of the ongoing Sri Jayanthi Utsavam at Thirukovalur Sri Trivikrama Perumal Temple, purappadu for utsavamurthy took place on Simha vahanam on August 30, 2013. Earlier in the same day perumal had purappadu in muthu panthal and had thirumanjanam.

The 10-day Sri Jayanthi Utsavam is being celebrated grandly from August 28th, 2013 to September 6th, 2013 at Thirukovalur Sri Trivikrama Perumal Temple. This would be followed by Vidyatri utsavam on September 7th, 2013. For detailed sthala puranam, please visit Thirukovalur – Sthalapuranam

On the 28th of August 2013, during Day 1 of the utsavam, Thirumanjanam and alankaram for Sri Rukmini Sathyabhama sametha Venugopalan took place. Muthu Pandal Vimana purpappadu took place earlier in the same day. On the 29th of August 2013, Purappadu in Hamsa Vahanam took place around the maada streets.

The above utsavam photographs could be viewed from the following links:

For detailed 10 days utsava pathrikai visit: Sri Jayanthi Utsavam at Thirukovalur Sri Trivikrama Perumal Temple

Some of the photos taken during the Simha Vahanam purappadu can be viewed below:

Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_00 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_02 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_04

Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_07 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_08 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_09 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_11 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_12 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_15 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_16 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_17 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_18 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_19 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_23 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_24 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_25 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_28 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_30 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_31 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_32Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_33 Thirukovalur_Sri Jayanthi_34

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