HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Chathurmasya Sankalpam – Day 45


HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_079

Today September 4th, 2013; Vijaya Aavani Makam is the 45th Day of HH 46th Srimath Azhagiyasingar, Srivan Sathakopa Sri Ranganatha Yathindra Maha Desikan’s Chathurmasya sankalpam.

It is the 2nd day celebration of Mukkur Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s Thirunakshatram which falls on 7th September 2013.  Dasavatharan Sannidhi is a favourite of Srimath Azhagiyasingars and Mukkur Srimath Azhagiyasingar has blessed the place and the surroundings with His long stay here during Rajagopuram kainkaryam. Every place has had His Kataksham and one can feel His presence even today. Everyone dwelling around will talk of their association and quote various personal experiences. A carpenter visiting on seeing the photo of HH will tell about his coming in close contact with Srimath Azhagiyasingar. There are numerous beneficiaries of His benevolence, Houses have been given to the need, jewels have been given to kainkaryaparas for the marriage of their daughters and so many couples have been united in harmonious wedlock. The watchman and his wife who take care of the Brindavan hold HH in such reverence and affection that they stay there and pray there, recounting their close association with HH specially during Rajagopuram construction days. They recollect how HH would order peanuts, icecream etc for the construction workers. Once a devotee offered imitation jewelry for Dasavatharan Sannidhi perumals. HH asked the devotee to accompany Him to the shop and bought several pieces of trinkets. They were for the menials and labourers. Such was the munificence of this great sage.  HH was childlike in His innocence, devoid of partiality, a great Achiever and the grantor of samashrayanam and Prappathi to thousands of shishyas. Many are the devotees who accepted HH attracted by His Anantha Kalyana gunams. Many shishyas thrive simply by chanting His thaniyan. December 31st starting from 9.00pm till 12.00pm His thaniyan would be chanted to welcome the New Year by His shisyas in the USA. Pomona Sri Ranganatha Temple stands testimony to His Vision. Devotees staying around the area recollect that the day Srimath Azhagiyasingar attained Paramapadaprapthi the Muth elephant refused to eat what was given.

Today Rg Vedam, Krishna Yajur Vedam, Shukla Yajur vedam Maadhyanthini shakai, Sama Vedam, Ranayinya Samam, Jaimini Samam, Atharvana vedam, Soukya, Atharvana Vedam, Piplatha and Azhwargal Arulicheyyal ghostis recited their chants. This was followed by Mangala Harathi and concluded with Veda Vinnappams.  The whole atmosphere reverberated with the sonorous chants. After this garlands were offered to Srimath Azhagiyasingar’s archa Tirumeni at the Brindavanam. Theertham Sri Sathari and Prasadha Viniyogam (Corriander Rice and halva) were over by 10.00am. This was followed by “Sri Malola Vidvath Sadas”.

Makam is the nakshatram of Prakrutham Srimath Azhagiyasingar who took avatharam on an Ani Makam day and is the 46th in the Ahobila Muth Lineage. Prior to this there have been two Srimath Azhagiyasingars who had avatharam under Makha star. HH 19th Srimath Azhagiyasingar SriVan Sathakopa Sri Srinivasa Yathindra Mahadesikan took avatharam in Masi Makham, accepted Sanyasam in RakshashaAdi (July 1735), was in asthanam for 10years  7 months and attained Paramapadaprapthi in Krodhan Masi Suklapaksha Chathurthi day (February 1746) at Pullam Buthangudi. HH 31st Srimath Azhagiyasingar SriVan Sathakopa Sriman Narayana Vedantha Yathindra Mahadesikan took avatharam in Kartikai Makam. He was called to Sanyasa ashramam in Subhkrith Kartigai (December 7, 1842).  HH attained Paramapadaprapthi in Prabhava Panguni, Sukla Paksham, Chathurdasi (March 30, 1847). His asthanakalam was 4 years and 4months. His Brindavanam is at Thyagrajapuram on KaveriTheertham.

The following are some of the photographs taken earlier today…

HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_000 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_002 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_003 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_004 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_005 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_006HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_007HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_008 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_009 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_010 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_011 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_012 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_013 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_014 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_015 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_019 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_020HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_017 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_022 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_024 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_026 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_027 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_028 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_029 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_031 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_032 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_033 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_034 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_035HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_075 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_036HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_077 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_096 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_098 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_038HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_095 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_040 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_041HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_042 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_043HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_104 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_044 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_045 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_046 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_047 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_048 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_049HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_052HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_050 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_051 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_053 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_054 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_055 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_056 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_057 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_058 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_060 HH 46 Azhagiyasingar day45_065

Courtesy: Vyjayanthi & Sundararajan

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